International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers, AFL-CIO/CLC

Tribute honors departed members



THE CONVENTION TOOK time out to honor those members who have passed on since our last convention. International President Newton B. Jones gave a special tribute to Charles F. (Chick) Moran, who served the Brotherhood as International vice president and International secretary-treasurer during a 27-year span. He passed away December 7, 2011. International Secretary-Treasurer William T. Creeden and his wife, Peg, accompanied Moran’s widow, Marie Moran, to the stage to receive a commemorative plaque.

During the commemoration, IP Jones stated that those who serve the Brotherhood are not the only ones who make sacrifices.

“Our spouses carry the heavy burden of keeping a household operating and a family together,” he said. “I know that Boilermakers often seem like absentee partners in a marriage, and it takes a special relationship and a commitment to see things through.”

IP Jones gave thanks and appreciation to all those spouses who have made sacrifices.

Special Exhibits

The Boilermaker History Preservation Department will have a very special exhibit showcasing many different aspects of our Boilermaker legacy.

The exhibit will open daily one hour before convening the convention and will close one hour after adjournment.