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Marcus Luttrell speaks of early life, experiences as a SEAL

KEYNOTE SPEAKER MARCUS Luttrell, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, engaged delegates and guests with the story of his childhood, his special relationship with his twin brother, and his experiences and lessons learned while growing up and serving in the military.

Luttrell said he was “born common,” and that reality forced him to acquire the discipline and skills he needed to excel.

Following SEAL training, Luttrell served in Iraq and later in Afghanistan, where he took part in an especially dangerous mission with teammates in SEAL Team 10. Their goal was to capture or kill a high-ranking Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah, responsible for killings in eastern Afghanistan and the Hindu-Kush mountains. The mission ended in a life-changing firefight that left all three of his team members dead and him severely wounded, an event that formed the basis of the book and movie, “Lone Survivor.”

Luttrell connected courage during training, and on the battlefield, to everyday life, reminding delegates that “anything is possible if you just work at it.”

When he spoke of his service and of the service of others to this county, he said, “We do this for you, for Americans.”

Special Exhibits

The Boilermaker History Preservation Department will have a very special exhibit showcasing many different aspects of our Boilermaker legacy.

The exhibit will open daily one hour before convening the convention and will close one hour after adjournment.