International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers, AFL-CIO/CLC

Committee on Ritual and Brotherhood History

Committee on Ritual and Brotherhood History

Committee Members

Charles A. Jones, Chair D–BHPD, SAIP
Charles Hancock 29 – Northeast
Dean Milton 146 – Canada
Warren Fairley IVP – Southeast
Richard MacIntosh International Staff
Alexander “Sandy” MacDonald IVP (ret.) – E. Canada
Advisors: Cullen Jones, Mike Linderer, Lawrence McManamon
Support Staff: Mallory Smith

Special Exhibits

The Boilermaker History Preservation Department will have a very special exhibit showcasing many different aspects of our Boilermaker legacy.

The exhibit will open daily one hour before convening the convention and will close one hour after adjournment.