International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers, AFL-CIO/CLC

Committee on Constitution and Law

Committee on Constitution and Law

Committee Members

D. David Haggerty, Chair IVP – Northeast
Mark Vandiver, Secretary D–NTDS
John Riel 1 – Great Lakes
Martin Williams 13 – Northeast
Charles Hancock 29 – Northeast
Tim Ruth 101 – Western States
Dean Milton 146 – Canada
Robert Hutsell 169 – Great Lakes
Bill Mulconnery 363 – Great Lakes
Daniel McWhirter 374 – Great Lakes
Frank Ward 614 – Northeast
Jacob Evenson 627 – Western States
Robert Godinez 1998 – Western States
Ronnie Dexter District 3 – Southeast
Robert Lunsford District 57 – Southeast
Clay Herford LSDL & 587 – Southeast
David Hegeman MRDL – Southeast
John Mansker International Staff
Arnie Stadnick International Staff
Advisors: J. Tom Baca, Tyler Brown, Ryan Creeden, William T. Creeden, Mary Echols, Warren Fairley, John Fultz, Frank Hartsoe, Mike Johnson, Cullen Jones, Mike Linderer, Joseph Maloney, Sam May, Jason McClitis, Lawrence McManamon, Edward Power, James Pressley, Dick Waers
Support Staff: Debbie Goodwin, Donna Jones, Hailey Rose, Mary Venema

Special Exhibits

The Boilermaker History Preservation Department will have a very special exhibit showcasing many different aspects of our Boilermaker legacy.

The exhibit will open daily one hour before convening the convention and will close one hour after adjournment.